What is contributing to climate change:

  1. Ever growing emission of greenhouse gases CO2 and CH4
    More than 9500 GTC each year originates from coal (42%), oil (33%), gas (19%), cement (6%) and gas flaring (1%). The permafrost regions meltdown is releasing CH4 already in alarming rates according to the Arctic Circle Conference 2017.

  2. Deforestation
    The planet lost about 80% of it's forests during the past 2 century's and according to UNFCCC there are only six countries responsible for 60% of that.

  3. Windfarms
    In 2016, windfarm's produced approximately 740 terawatt of energy. This energy (plus slack) was removed from the planets atmospheric cycle.


Good luck with this while the global leadership is still more or less in denial on greenhouse gas emissions where discussions do not take the full extend of the problem into acoount. Deforestation disappeared faster from the global agenda than the forests and the atmospheric cycle is not even on people's radar.

Trump Days To Go

January 20, 2021 12:00 1150 Days